Accommodation Center

The main accommodation facilities of the RCC Mlinarska Accommodation Center are the Student Dormitory of the Mlinarska School of Nursing and the Student Dormitory of the School of Midwives.

The accommodation center is the point of connection between RCC institutions with current and future accommodation seekers who will come to Zagreb for educational purposes, either as students and participants of certain educations or as lecturers.

Since the Center itself does not currently have sufficient capacity to provide accommodation services to all of potential users, cooperation with other accommodation providers of different profiles is being established so that different categories of accommodation can be offered to users, depending on their requirements and needs.

In addition to providing information on accommodation, the Center, in cooperation with transport service providers and travel agencies, provides cheaper transport on the routes airport – hotel – airport and hotel – venue – hotel, rental of means of transport and cheaper tourist packages for Zagreb and its surroundings.

Accommodation Center
Center manager:

Marijana Tabaković, oecc.


Accommodation needs