Center for Adult Education

Center for Adult Education provides the necessary preconditions for the development and improvement of adult education in RCC Mlinarska, i.e. substantive, material and staffing conditions that aim to increase the number of people involved in adult education and lifelong learning. The center strives to achieve high quality of such forms of education and learning and to realize the potential and professional advancement of each participant.

Center’s activities are: developing models and encouraging the use of distance learning systems (e-learning) and other advanced forms of teaching in vocational education and formal and informal adult education; developing a model for recognizing informal learning at the level of vocational education in the health sector; developing, organizing and implementing professional training programs for teachers of vocational subjects, teaching assistants, mentors at employers and other experts in education and health workers; developing, organizing and implementing programs of professional training, improvement and lifelong learning for the needs of economic entities.

Center’s activities are maintained in RCC Mlinarska, in house or online.

Center for Adult Education
Center manager:

Danijela Mikolaš, bacc. radiol. tech.