Center for Career Guidance and Development

The purpose of the Center for Career Guidance and Development is to design and implement activities to support and empower students, adult trainees and health workers for active job search, safe entry into the labor market and further career development.

The activities of the Center are: informing and connecting students of all schools of RCC Mlinarska; research and analysis of past experiences and needs of students in the field of professional guidance; design and implementation of activities for students (individual and group career counseling, resume and application writing workshops, preparation for interviews); organization of public events (career days/evenings, open days, employer fairs, etc.); monitoring of former students and participants and analysis of their employability and academic status; educating school leaders for the implementation of planned activities and evaluation of implemented programs.

Center for Career Guidance and Development
Center manager:

Hrvoje Odak, prof. psych.

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