Center for e-learning

The center for e-learning is primarily conceived as a place to support the work of other centers – primarily the Center for Ergonomics and Salutogenesis and the Center for Adult Education, and as support for the improvement and modernization of the implementation of existing educational curricula of schools in vocational education.

The task of the Center is to develop models and encourage the use of distance learning systems (e-learning) due to its advantages such as time and space flexibility in teaching and learning, flexible (time and space) access to up-to-date and current multimedia and interactive teaching materials, enabling collaborative learning, acquisition of project and teamwork skills and more.

Center for e-learning helps RCC schools in the creation of digital educational content and their inclusion in e-learning systems, as well as the adaptation of existing teaching materials into a format suitable for e-learning.

Center for e-learning
Center manager:

Lorena Župan, mag. edu. inf.

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