Center for Ergonomics and Salutogenesis

Center for Ergonomics and Salutogenesis was established with the purpose of transferring knowledge in the field of ergonomics and desire to reduce the incidence of illnesses among nurses and other health personnel by implementing ergonomic principles and rules in daily work. This increases the quality of life of employees in the healthcare system, reduces the rate of work-related illnesses, as well as the number of sick days and the cost of rehabilitation after illness.

Main activities of the Center for Ergonomics and Salutogenesis are education intended for students, teachers, mentors and employees in healthcare, but also for all other areas of work and education. Education is conducted in the form of seminars and workshops in a specialized hall for ergonomics, which is also the headquarters of the Center.

The center monitors the implementation of ergonomic research, the design of ergonomic solutions, innovations and the development of ergonomic equipment, and strives to network and develop partnerships with educational institutions and institutions of health and social care.

Center for Ergonomics and Salutogenesis
Center manager:

Đurđica Stanešić, mag. med. tech.

Assistant center manager:

Tanja Dornik, mag. med. tech.