Center for Research and Development

The Center for Research and Development currently gathers 4 PhDs, 4 MSc and 8 PhD students.

Center activities are: educational activities for doctoral students to help them master the material of the doctoral studies, especially in writing and publishing scientific papers; support for employees of RCC Mlinarska in preparing summaries and submitting papers for participation in public gatherings (conferences, congresses, symposiums, etc.) and/or publication of papers in scientific and/or professional publications; support for RCC Mlinarska employees in the preparation of papers and presentations for public meetings, i.e. publication of papers in publications; verification of the correctness of emphasizing the role of RCC Mlinarska in individual works (highlighting the necessary logos, notes, accents, key words, thanks, etc. – in the text, presentation, poster, etc.).

On behalf of RCC, the Center establishes cooperation with scientific organizations and draws up plans for joint research and organizes the implementation of a part of the research in which the human, material and financial resources of RCC Mlinarska are involved.

Center for Research and Development
Center manager:

mr. sc. Natalija Šnidarić, dipl. paed.